BRISA signed US$ 4.5 million contract.

BRISA has signed a new 2-year and US$ 4.5 million contract with the Brazilian government, aiming to prepare 1,000 Brazilian IT students for the current market needs.

In this project, BRISA has partnered with 5 major Brazilian universities.

The project aims in training students in software development.

By the end of the first project phase, the top 400 students are going to be selected for an on the job training on cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence, to meet specific client demands.

These 1,000 scholarships guarantee the comfort and commitment of high school and technical-level students, changing the course of their professional preparation.

BRISA is proud to be making a difference in these student's lives, and to be helping solve a major shortage in skilled manpower for software programming in the country.

The Project is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Brazil, with resources from Brazilian IT Law (Law No. 8,248, of October 23, 1991).

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