A Smart Lock Solution For Property Management

A smart lock solution that will revolutionize your property management agency.
No more lost keys, tenants being locked out or trades attending the office to collect and return keys

A day with smart locks.

Ezylock turns your existing door lock into a digital access solution. Enter the world of the smart home. With Ezylock, you always have the peace of mind of knowing your door is under your control – anytime, anywhere. Full control and security for your home.


Unique Monitoring

No code reusage

Wifi/4G communication


Battery life monitoring and low battery alarming, dual communication systems with the lock such as WIFI and 4G, security codes, service codes, centralized service personnel codes management.


It consists of the electronic lock itself, plus a centralized management system able to manage thousands of locks simultaneously.

Ezylock implements several unique features designed to prevent a guest from ever being locked out of a property.

Control System

Control System

Good for communities not served by cable companies, as well as for communities not served by mobile phone operators.

No more inconsistencies among lock system and locks.

Check-in System

No more guests locked outside for not remembering the lock code.

No more guests locked outside due to low battery not replaced on time. Lower battery consumption (compared to other locks in the market)

Easy, Smart & Safe.

Superior Digital Security


No extra points of failure No more same code for every property. No more code typing errors.

Dual communication System (WIFI/4G)

EzyLock brings a dual communication system, with an auto-switch feature that keeps your lock always reachable.

Synchronization with PMS

We provide you integration between EzyLock and your PMS. No more extra-costs to have lock codes programed manually.

Battery life monitoring

EzyLock monitors batteries energy level so that you can plan for replacement in advance.

No code reusage

EzyLock renews codes for every stay, or whenever necessary No more code reuse.

No Z-wave bridges losing connections

EzyLock "talks" directly to the property WiFi router and to the 4G antenna close to your community.

Service code

Lower costs. Easy to use. Opportunity for newer upgrades. You'll never get stuck.

Ezylock is trusted by the biggest names in the Property Management Business

Orlando Fun Rentals started using EzyLock during this summer, just before the high season..

It has been a wonderful surprise: besides its modern design and extremely competitive pricing, EzyLock provides a solution to several issues common to property management daily operations..

From calendar integration with the PMS reducing labor operational costs, to a dual communication system (WiFi and 4G) that makes the locks always on-line (no more guests locked outside the properties), and many other differentiations, EzyLock has made our operations easier and our guests happier. .

EzyLock is the only smart locks specifically designed to meet short-term rental unique needs..

We are now committed to EzyLock and we are extremely satisfied with the delivery and support BRISA is providing us.

Martonio Pinto
General Manager